From New York City’s thrift stores to Pasadena flea markets, 22-year-old, Timothy Pevzner is constantly on the hunt for vintage, classic, and timeless clothing. What began as a hobby back home in Albany, NY, and a way to express his unique personality, Tim found his love and passion for vintage clothing starting to grow.


“It’s a nice way to express yourself and be unique without having to go purchase clothing everyone can buy“ said Tim.


Eight Years ago, he began amassing a large collection of vintage clothing that he wore from time to time. As fashion trends shifted towards vintage, he decided to start selling on his Instagram and eBay accounts. The goal of selling some of these items was to fund his first storefront location in Albany, NY which was known as Looks Albany.

“I found a group of friends who all have the same passion for clothing. Everyone can like a different era or style, but we all can agree that we love it for the same reasons. Clothing is a great way to express yourself and show what you're passionate about - it's all in your clothes. Going to a flea market with other people who share your passion or just building relationships with people who share the same love, is great.” Said Pevzner.


Today, Tim has two storefronts located in New York City. He occasionally visits Albany to visit family and dog, Yoshi.

October 06, 2023 — Thomas Michael