1978 Jordache Light Blue Denim Jacket

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A 1978 Jordache Light Blue Denim Jacket refers to a vintage denim jacket produced by Jordache in the year 1978. Here are some details you might expect from such a jacket:

Design: The jacket would feature a classic denim jacket design characteristic of the late 1970s. This typically includes a button-up front closure, chest pockets with button flaps, and possibly side pockets. The denim fabric would be light blue in color, reflecting the popular denim fashion of that era.

Brand: Jordache is known for its denim apparel, especially jeans and jackets, which were popular during the late 1970s and 1980s. The brand's products often reflected contemporary fashion trends of the time.

Fit and Style: Denim jackets from that era tended to have a slightly boxy or relaxed fit, suitable for layering over other clothing. The style may feature subtle stitching details or the Jordache logo on buttons or pockets.

Material: The jacket would be made from denim fabric, which is durable and comfortable. Denim of that era was typically 100% cotton or a cotton blend, providing both sturdiness and ease of movement.

Color: Light blue denim was a popular choice during the 1970s, reflecting the casual and laid-back fashion of the period. It was versatile and could be paired with various outfits for a classic, timeless look.

Availability: Vintage Jordache denim jackets from 1978 may be available through specialized vintage clothing stores, online vintage marketplaces, or through collectors who specialize in vintage denim apparel. Availability can vary depending on the condition and rarity of the jacket.

• Classic Button Down Denim Jacket

Size: Mens L

Condition: Pre-Owned Fair