1996 Champion Monstars Space Jam Jersey


Own a piece of cinematic nostalgia with the 1996 Champion Monstars Space Jam Jersey, flawlessly preserved in pristine condition. Inspired by the iconic basketball showdown in the classic film \"Space Jam,\" this jersey pays homage to the formidable Monstars team. Crafted with meticulous attention to detail, it features the Monstars' signature colors and bold design elements. Whether displayed proudly as a collector's item or worn to channel the spirit of intergalactic competition, this jersey captures the imagination and excitement of one of cinema's most beloved sports moments. Relive the magic of \"Space Jam\" and stand out from the crowd with this timeless piece of basketball history.


Length 25.5 in / 65 cm
Chest 18 in / 46 cm

Condition: Pre-Owned