New York Mets Vaughn 42 Baseball Jersey


Step into the history of the New York Mets with this white and blue Vaughn 42 Baseball Jersey, featuring the legendary number 42 on the back. This jersey, preserved in good condition, pays homage to the Mets' legacy and commemorates the iconic Jackie Robinson. Meticulously crafted, it offers both comfort and durability, perfect for showcasing your support for the Mets and honoring Robinson's enduring impact on the sport. The timeless Mets colors and the iconic number 42 evoke memories of baseball history and the fight for equality. Whether you're a devoted Mets fan or a collector of baseball memorabilia, this vintage jersey is sure to make a statement. Embrace the legacy of Jackie Robinson and the Mets with this rare find, ready to add a touch of baseball nostalgia to your collection.

Condition: Pre-Owned