Philadelphia Phillies Shane Victorino #8 Jersey


Capture the spirit of Philadelphia baseball with the Philadelphia Phillies Shane Victorino #8 Jersey, meticulously preserved in superb condition. This iconic jersey pays tribute to the dynamic outfielder Shane Victorino and his contributions to Phillies history. Adorned with the bold #8 and the team's signature red and white colors, it embodies the passion and pride of Phillies fandom. Crafted with precision and durability, this jersey is not just a piece of memorabilia but a symbol of victory on the diamond. Whether worn to the ballpark or displayed with pride, it represents the heart and soul of Philadelphia baseball. In flawless condition, it stands as a cherished memento of Phillies glory and the unforgettable moments created by Shane Victorino.

Size: Unisex XLARGE

Length 36 in / 91 cm
Chest 26.5 in / 67 cm

Condition: Pre-Owned