90s Carhartt Embroidered Crewneck

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The late 19th century was a time of progress and innovation, characterized by steel, steam, and locomotives. It was during this time that Hamilton Carhartt founded his namesake company, affectionately known as "Ham," and began producing overalls in a small Detroit loft with just two sewing machines and a half-horsepower electric motor. Early challenges motivated Hamilton to conduct extensive market research, resulting in a product that perfectly met the needs of railroad workers. Adhering to the motto of "Honest value for an honest dollar," Carhartt quickly became synonymous with high-quality workwear. By 1910, the company had expanded to include mills and sewing facilities in various locations around the United States and internationally in Walkerville (Ontario), Toronto, Vancouver, and Liverpool. A Paris facility and a New York office and warehouse were added later on.