Harley-Davidson Mexico T-Shirt

$40.00 $50.00

Add a touch of international flair to your wardrobe with this Harley-Davidson Mexico T-Shirt, impeccably maintained and in great condition. Featuring the iconic Harley-Davidson logo with a nod to Mexico, this shirt blends biker style with cultural charm. Whether you're exploring the open road or simply embracing your love for Harley-Davidson, this shirt promises to make a statement with its unique design. Perfect for casual outings or as a conversation starter, it's sure to turn heads and spark admiration. Gear up with confidence and showcase your love for Harley-Davidson and Mexican culture with this standout piece of apparel.

Size: Unisex Small

Length 25.5 in / 65 cm
Chest 19.5 in / 50 cm

Condition: Pre-Owned