Vintage D-Generation X Chyna Triple H X-Pac T-Shirt


Step into the attitude era with this Vintage D-Generation X Chyna Triple H X-Pac T-Shirt, impeccably preserved and bursting with nostalgic charm. From the rebellious faction that redefined sports entertainment, this shirt pays homage to the iconic members of D-Generation X, including Chyna, Triple H, and X-Pac. Featuring bold graphics and vibrant colors, it captures the spirit of defiance and irreverence that made DX a cultural phenomenon. Crafted with quality materials and attention to detail, this shirt not only commemorates a pivotal era in wrestling history but also serves as a cherished piece of memorabilia for fans of the squared circle. Whether you're reliving the glory days of the Monday Night Wars or adding to your collection of wrestling classics, this tee is sure to evoke memories of epic battles and unforgettable moments in the ring.

Length 28 in / 71 cm
Chest 18 in / 46 cm

Condition: Pre-Owned